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What is this place?

RustyCyb.org is a member-supported social network for body modification artists, professionals, practitioners and enthusiasts. While similar to other social network platforms, RustyCyb.org was built specifically for the needs of the Body Modification community. Some of the content in these pages is not suitable for younger viewers and therefore we require all members to be 18 years of age or older.

We have an app available on the App store for iOS and Google Play for Android.


  • Access content from any browser.
  • RustyCyb.org Messenger” app available for iOS and Android.
  • Send and Receive Instant Messages.
  • Share photos and status updates.
  • Like and comment on other users’ activity.
  • Explore, make friends, join groups, and participate in forums.
  • Connect with professionals and other users with similar interests.
  • Import photos and other media from Facebook.
  • Share photos that would prohibited on other social networks. No Censorship!
  • Control your privacy settings and block unwanted content.
  • “Zero Abuse” policy for all members.
  • Advertising Free. SPAM Free. User-moderated.
  • Did we mention member-supported?

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What’s the difference between Paid and Pro levels?

So glad you asked! Pro-Level Members can be reviewed by other users and are listed in a Artist & Professionals Directory. If you make a living as an artist or professional body modifier, then you probably want to get a Pro account. Otherwise, a Paid membership is really all you need to get full access to RustyCyb.org.

Why Join?

Well, you’re full of great questions today! RustyCyb.org is the only social network built entirely for body modification enthusiasts. Foremost, there’s little or no censorship here, so you don’t have to worry about getting reported or having your posts taken down by puritanical nitwits. We have one basic rule of conduct: Don’t be a dick.

Once you sign up for a Paid or Pro Membership, you’ll have full access to the activity feed where you can post status updates and comment on other users’ posts. You’ll also be able to participate in body modification groups and forums, view community photo galleries and contribute your own pics. You can ask questions and get answers from qualified professionals in our “Ask a Pro” section. You can exchange private messages with other users and share files. You’ll have access to our Instant Messaging app and chatrooms on a variety of topics.

Which plan is right for me?

Are you an artist or professional? Then go Pro! Beyond that, you can choose to pay monthly with an introductory trial cost of 1 Euro, then 4 Euro every month thereafter (cancel any time). Or, you might want to save some Euro and go with the 3-Month recurring plan. You can save the most by choosing the Annual plan. (We would really like you to choose this plan, since it will provide the biggest boost to our little project.)

Why wait?

There’s no reason to wait. Join now. Do it.

What if I regret my decision?

You can cancel your membership at any time without hassle. So, why are you still even thinking about it?